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PLL 5x07 Episode Recap


aka a extra long recap as i get my anger out through humor and if this had been the actual episode i would be a happy camper


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If you’re a teen you must follow this blog.
Jul 10

Anonymous said: What do you think the parallel between "It's not up to you to save me" and "he saved me in every way a person can be saved" means?


I think it’s interesting that at face value it seems almost clear that Jack literally saved Rose’s existence, but when you scratch beneath the surface it is evident he was only part of her survival. A crucial part, yes, but she still had all the control in her liberation. Jack only stretched out his hand but it was always about Rose taking the leap of fate. He was there to encourage her and give her that “push” she needed but even he knew deep down that strength was always in her ("that fire that I love about you"). Prior to Jack, the people in Rose’s life were purposely trying to stomp out the fire in order to extinguish her spirit. After 17 years of being repressed, she didn’t have the support that would encourage her to break free. When Jack came along, he was exactly what she needed at that precise time. He was her support. He was the one who listened to what she had to say and valued her opinions. He was the one who told her that dreams aren’t unattainable but if you really want something you just have to give yourself a chance and make it happen. He made her believe in herself and lord knows sometimes that’s all someone needs to go on.

You could say “But he literally saved her by giving her the wooden panel she laid on”, yes of course. That’s absolutely valid. But you also have to take into account that she was still the one who had to save herself in the end. Once the lifeboat came back and she realized Jack had died, Rose laid her head down with her eyes closed and I’m convinced she really wanted to die at that point because she had just lost her anchor. And yet at the last moment I’m positive she remembered her promise to never give up and that’s when even spiritually Jack was there to sustain her. She was the one who swam towards the frozen officer, grabbed his whistle and saved herself.

So when we get down to it, they both did their part. In Rose’s heart, Jack was her hero. He was an imperative factor in her freedom because he was the only one who gave her the support she needed at that crucial time in her life. If it weren’t for him, she wouldn’t have taken the leap of fate. But it still remains that she held all the cards. Because just as the quote stated, after Rose told him "It’s not up to you to save me", Jack responds "You’re right, only you can do that. and that’s exactly what happened. Rose had learned to have the tenacity to save herself physically and make her life count because Jack saved her soul.

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Adam and I had no desire to write damsels in distress. These are women who stand in front of their men. They don't need saving. They can save themselves. - Edward Kitsis [x]
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does he have that look in his eyes?

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i’ve always appreciated colbie for being the “black sheep” in a corrupted industry.  she’s always been known for respecting herself and being a positive role model for her fans.  i think we as humans forget to acknowledge that at the end what’s most important is if we can look in the mirror and truly appreciate who we are without covering up what we may believe are our flaws.  at the end of the day all you have is yourself and i think it’s very important to remember to put yourself first before going out of your way just to make someone like you.  

i find such a strong grasp of attraction for people who can go out and spend time with their significant other and not go out of their way to make themselves look “beautiful” because if he’s anything like me and actually cares & respects that girl he’s going to find her beautiful in her most natural form always and it won’t matter if she went the extra mile or not.

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